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About Bill Gager

If you work with me, you’ll learn how to achieve your true potential by releasing the patterns that have been holding you back.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?: You’ll develop the self-awareness and skills necessary to create the life you desire by reconnecting to your authentic self.

HOW YOU BENEFIT: You’ll leverage a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature to make the changes that create your desired outcome.

WHY IT WORKS: Your success is a direct result of your habits and the judgements you hold. When you effectively release these habits and judgements you allow yourself to truly connect with each situation and person. This enables you to discern what is needed in the moment to create the results you want. Learn more from my free videos:

Consulting, Coaching, Onsite Workshops, Online Workshops, and Key Note Talks

💡 The Sustainable Business Podcast
💡 New York Distance Learning Association’s Coffee In The Clouds Podcast
💡 Nemo Radio
💡 LinkedIn

🗣 “I immediately discovered that Bill’s approach was different. He opened my mind to a new, more effective way of thinking about sales and leadership. ” – David Trujillo | Sales Director

🗣 “I simply can’t provide enough accolades for Bill’s Connect For Success Training – simply the best, most usable course that I’ve taken!” – Spence Hall | Sr. Mgr. Sales Strategy

🗣“It is not often that a management suggested program receives 100% positive feedback and glowing reviews, but that was the case with your recent High Impact Communication program. Incredibly the entire team, averaging over twenty years of experience individually, found the program to be the most on-point training they have participated in relative to building stronger client relationships.”- Robert Boon | Executive Vice President and Managing Director


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